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Plum City/EPC

Youth Sports

Welcome to the Plum City/EPC Youth Sports webpage! We are your home for all of the latest news, updates, schedules, calendars, rosters, and photos for all football, basketball, baseball, softball, and t-ball kids in our youth program. Our #1 goal is to make youth sports a positive and enjoyable experience while also teaching our kids the importance of teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship skills. We have the motive to develop the kid's passion to continue playing the game, while also learning the basic fundamentals to make them the best possible players they can be. We expect a positive outlook and a strong amount of dedication from all of our players, coaches, parents, and other supporters to make this experience the best we can for our youth players and achieve all of our goals! Hopefully you will find this website to be beneficial by staying more connected with our organization. Please feel free to contact us at anytime and check back for more updates!

Contact Us

President Donna McDonough

Secretary: Catherine Gonzalez

Treasurer: Jennifer Hines

Vice President Paul McDonough

Social Media Contact: Sarah Hewitt


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